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Project „Safe balance bike for children“

Idea & Project Goals

Toddlers often use balance bikes as means of transportation. Often, these bikes are getting to fast and the toddlers are not strong enough to slow the bike down by their selves. Another problem is, that they are not able to assess the velocity in the right way.


Central Circuit Board

The goal was the development of a system, which measures the circumferential speed of the wheel and brakes the balance bikes starting at an adjustable maximum speed. The idea was realized with a powerful servo and micro controller, which controls the systems. Via a potentiometer, the allowed maximum speed can the set. The power supply is guaranteed via an external, exchangeable accumulator.


Electronic Brake Unit

The child is also able to slow down manually, a braking system has been implemented.

The solution can be also used in buggy. The inspiration was a series of accidents happened with buggies which were rolling onto rails in train stations.

ORF - Artikel, © ORF 2015

ORF – Article, © ORF 2015


Projekt scope

  • Conception of all componentens
  • Conduction of an use-value analysis in order to find the best way of implementation
  • Programmierung of the micro controller
  • Implementation of the Hardware (mechanical brake, etc… into a customary balance bike) as well as construction of needed components
  • Draft the electrical printed circuit board layout as well as the board manufacturing


Area of responsibility

  • Draft the electrical printed circuit board layout
  • Development of the mechanical components
  • Assistance in used software
  • Drafting of CAD – Drawing
  • Assistance at the final report


This project was sponsored by development funds of the Republic of Austria.


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