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Project „Air quality measurement for indoor application“

Idea & Project Goals

The development includes an air quality measurement system, which is directly placed in the room and signalizes bad air quality via an acoustic or optic warning. The boundary value is obtained from the TVOC – value.


The air quality is measured via a sensor, which conveys the data to a micro controller and afterwards to a Raspbery PI – computer. Here, the data is evaluated and sent to server via the Ethernet – network.

Via a web user interface the user is able to view the data of all connected stations. Furthermore, it is possible to compare the data graphically or see a chart of the air quality over the day of special station.


The special focus at this project was he detailed project management.


Projekt scope

  • Selection of the sensor and controller
  • Assembling of all components inside a compact box
  • Programming of the web user interface
  • Controller programming
  • Database development
  • long-term measurement including a functional test


Area of responsibility

  • Supervising of the project manamgent with Microsoft Project including drafting project status reports
  • Drafting and programming of the database
  • Assembling of the sensors
  • Controller coding



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