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Egon Simon Veit, BA (MCI) – Student

I am a bachelor graduate of the Management Center Innsbruck where I am also doing my master degree at the moment. The base for this academic career was formed at the College of Industrial Engineering Faculty Manufacturing Computer Science in Innsbruck.

Since my childhood I am interested in everything technical. So I tried to develop things ever since I was a kid, and was always keen to find an idea where there was no technical solution. So I tried to connect my education with my interests. My diploma (together with two colleagues), therefore connects mechanical engineering with electronics and computing. My skills from building scale models, one of my early hobbies, are very useful in this situation. In my bachelor thesis I dealt with the topic of Legal Tech & Digital Lawyer where my technical knowledge contributed to my economic and legal education.

Since I was three years old I am an enthusiastic skier. I like the nature, the movement and – of course – the speed. If I have time, I am trying to visit races of the Alpine Ski World Cup live, which brought me some very beautiful moments.

Another great hobby of mine is music. I am an avid guitar-player since many years. The calm I feel during playing helps me refreshing my energy. Music is very important in my life and therefore – of course – I go to Rock-concerts whenever possible. Thanks to our common taste of music, my father and I enjoy this pastime frequently together.

For a number of years I also devote my energy to 3D-modelling and 3D-printing. Furthermore, I am on my way with my film equipment and drone almost every spare moment to capture the beauty of the world.

Currently, I attend the master degree course “International Business & Law” at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI).

My idols are: Lindsey Vonn, Mikaela Shiffrin, Taylor Swift, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Johnny Cash. I also want to mention my girlfriend Katja here which supports me all the time.

Born 2.12.1996 in Innsbruck

2003 – 07

Elementary school Pradl-Leitgeb, Innsbruck

2007 – 11

Technical main school Pembaurstraße, Innsbruck

2011 – 2016

College of Industrial Engineering Faculty Manufacturing Computer Science, Innsbruck Anichstraße

2016 – 2019

MCI – Management Center Innsbruck, bachelor degree course “Management & Law”

Bachelor Thesis: “Legal Technology & Digital Lawyer: Die juristische Tätigkeit in der digitalen Transformation”

Graduated with excellent success

2019 – 2020

Civilian Service of the Republic of Austria

2020 – 2022

MCI – Management Center Innsbruck, master degree course “International Business & Law”

2021 – ongoing

Secretary & Webmaster Non-profit Association “Initiative Rettet das Herrenhaus im Halltal

The published publications can be seen here (Abstract). For further information please send an inquiry.


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