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Egon Veit – Alpine Rescue Development

Born 3.1.1965 in Innsbruck

1971 – 79

usual schools (Basic, Gymnasium)

1979 – 85

Federal Secondary College of Engineering, Innsbruck Graduated Mechanical Engineering with distinction

1985 – 87

Academy of commerce, faculty Marketing

Sommer/Summer ’87

Mountain guiding in Switzerland

Winter 87 – 88

Austrian Army  (main assignment as Ski racer)

1988 – 89

Residence in the United States, gaining experience


Joined TYROMONT (first in curiosity, then in fascination for mountain rescuing)



From my early childhood, I was a cross-country skier and racer. Later I switched to alpine skiing and racing with some success. But as both worlds were not compatible, I concentrated on studying.

Climbing, sailing and cycling are the summer activities I am involved in from childhood on.

After receiving training in all sectors of mountain rescuing from my very respected tutors from Tirolean mountain rescue and the in those days relatively new flight rescue, I started to use my skills as Mechanical Engineer for the Development of Mountain Rescue Gear.


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